The Everyday

On a mundane, ordinary sorta Monday evening, we plopped on the couch after a very long day. We shared bits of our day, and had plenty of giving out about this or that. RTE played in the background, and before we knew it we were stuck into tonights documentary. A documentary on a very heavy topic: death. We joked to each other “finishing the day on a real positive note huh?”

But we couldn’t stop watching. A funeral director shared the ins and outs of his business. But moreso he shared the stories that had stuck with him over his 40 years in business. Stories of the people and the families. The last wishes. The goodbyes. A dying man invited the funeral director into his home, they seemed to be old friends, and he told the director he expected to pass in the next five days to two weeks. They spoke of funeral plans, and reminisced of the past. And then he said things that truly stuck with us. It stopped us in our tracks. It was what we needed to hear that night. The dying man, hardly able to sit up in his chair, spoke of wanting an everyday, mundane day. Just one more. Just an average, nothing special, kind of day. He would never have another one of those days. The days we find busy, boring, routine, tiring, mundane. And yes, this man’s dying wish was to have one more.

Last night two out of our three kiddos were up sick. All night, yes ALL night. In our high tech world I can now check to see if the horrible nights were as horrible as I thought. This morning my sleep app revealed it was worse than I even thought. (think its time I ditch the smart watch until the kids get a bit bigger. 🤣) Anyway just as my seemingly healthy, non flu ridden child woke around 7, the other poor things finally slipped into a deep sleep, wrecked after their horrible night. Which left me to get up with one little one, and wow she was full of energy and delighted to be an only child while the others slept. Being a twin these moments are few so we both embraced it.

I made a cup of very strong coffee and some breakfast for my little one, and we plopped ourselves onto the couch to watch some tunes and cuddle up. This morning I couldn’t stop thinking about that man. Of course soon I was back to laundry, and decided to put some sausages and rashers on for the sleeping beauties still asleep upstairs, hoping to cheer them up when the woke. Before I knew it I had the kitchen cleaned, as well as a few more cuddles with my happy toddler who was now beaming from all this one on one attention. I kept thinking to myself how there was a time not too long ago when I wouldn’t cope without an undisturbed 8 hours of sleep. And now this morning I was flying around fueled by coffee, toddler cuddles, and that man on telly last night. I was the person he wanted to be. I had a hard night but I’m healthy and able to deal with it. I have loved ones around me, near and far. Im learning to embrace the moments, the small ones, like a cuddle on the couch or trying to fuel unwell kiddos with a nice hot breakfast. As I washed the frying pan I looked up and out the window; nothing but fields, livestock, birds flying past, and on this particular morning the sun shining brightly. Wow, so much beauty all around me, so much to be thankful for, and yet i seldom take note of it.

Let’s take a step back. Let’s face it, life is full of stress each and every day. I am the first to get bogged down. I feel my energy being sucked out of me by challenges at work and home. The stresses of life are not going to magically disappear with this sudden epiphany of positivity and thankfulness. But something did hit home to me watching that poor dying man. It was to stop trying to create big experiences and fun and excitement in my life and to simply acknowledge and enjoy the little things that happen naturally each and every day. I’ll use the phrase of the decade: mindfulness. Concentrating on what really matters and those whom we love and care for.

It’s the little moments that happen everyday that I fear I’ll miss the most someday. Its so easy to fall back into the complaining rut, and so I’m leaving this here in hopes it will be a reminder to me to appreciate all these gifts that I all too often take for granted. For all my family and friends, near and far, you too are my gifts and I love you to pieces! Be well everyone! I hope you enjoy some special moments today.

Published by L Higgins

Never a dull moment! I was born and raised in America before meeting my Irish husband and eventually making the move to Galway in 2006. We were never known to take it easy, but life is now busier than ever with a six year old son and two year old twin girls. As a Montessori Teacher and Mom, my days (and nights) are filled with the sounds of childhood play and laughter... and of course the occasional tears. In many ways living in Ireland is very similar to life in America, and yet in others they are worlds apart. But in our house, all cuddled up on the couch at the end of a busy day, we are our own little clan of 5. I wouldn't change it for the world!

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