Spring in Galway: Photographs for those we Love far away…

A few young American friends have asked what spring looks like in Galway. Well spring has truly sprung, and a picture is worth a thousand words so here are a few recent photos.

Spring is a time of birth, growth, and new beginnings. We hope with spring and summer, things will pick up in the health and lives of people worldwide.

An evening cycle!
Preschool, primary school, and college from the kitchen…
in the garden….
And all around us.
Clear skies at night, sailors delight.

There’s lots of pauses for:

“I’m hungry,” “Do I have to?” “My teacher doesn’t do it like that!”… and of course the occasional meltdowns. But we are adapting, I think? 🤔😂

Thinking of everyone near and far and hoping you’re all safe and well.

Published by L Higgins

Never a dull moment! I was born and raised in America before meeting my Irish husband and eventually making the move to Galway in 2006. We were never known to take it easy, but life is now busier than ever with a six year old son and two year old twin girls. As a Montessori Teacher and Mom, my days (and nights) are filled with the sounds of childhood play and laughter... and of course the occasional tears. In many ways living in Ireland is very similar to life in America, and yet in others they are worlds apart. But in our house, all cuddled up on the couch at the end of a busy day, we are our own little clan of 5. I wouldn't change it for the world!

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