As the World Wept, the Earth Rejoiced

It’s summer in Ireland. For weeks the greens appear greener. The colours and flowers more vibrant. Is it all the sunshine or have I finally opened my eyes to the beauty of nature again? Is the Earth rejoicing, flourishing in the slowdown, in the peace and sudden quiet? Here are some pictures from close toContinue reading “As the World Wept, the Earth Rejoiced”

Memories from the Arena, Lessons Learned and Embraced for Life

More rantings from a blessed, and sometimes struggling Mommy. I write about early childhood a lot lately. My children are young, and I’m a preschool teacher, so thoughts of early years and play pretty much engulf my life. Many don’t know that i spent years riding horses, which is funny really because it encompassed aContinue reading “Memories from the Arena, Lessons Learned and Embraced for Life”

“Mom, tell me about when you were little.”

My son is suddenly interested in stories from my childhood. I’m not sure if I should be alarmed or elated, and as I share my stories I suddenly feel very old; cliche tales beginning with “When I was your age…” I’m not sure why he has this sudden interest. I wonder were things so differentContinue reading ““Mom, tell me about when you were little.””

Move over secluded Irish Island Cafe job opportunities…

We’ve all seen the advertisements, a search for a couple willing to abandon all modern luxuries to live a modest life for one summer. An offer of a summer looking after a tiny Irish Island and cafe. Sleeping under the stars with no other inhabitants, no electricity, and no internet. The owners of this islandContinue reading “Move over secluded Irish Island Cafe job opportunities…”

Spring in Galway: Photographs for those we Love far away…

A few young American friends have asked what spring looks like in Galway. Well spring has truly sprung, and a picture is worth a thousand words so here are a few recent photos. Spring is a time of birth, growth, and new beginnings. We hope with spring and summer, things will pick up in theContinue reading “Spring in Galway: Photographs for those we Love far away…”

Recognising humanity in times of isolation

Recognition, reaching out, and understanding, it’s what’s happening these days. An overly optimistic statement?  There is no doubt we are surrounded by worries, uncertain times, and loss. The world has paused, and in troubling times, people think, contemplate and problem solve; ways in which to negotiate our rapidly changing world. Suddenly contact becomes paramount, bringsContinue reading “Recognising humanity in times of isolation”