Art: Bring Children Together while Staying Apart

Easter is approaching. Here in Ireland as well as back in the States, my memories are filled with family and friends. There is always an overwhelming feeling that spring is upon us and it is time to really get out and about again. Easter will be very different this year, and we are all learningContinue reading “Art: Bring Children Together while Staying Apart”

Movement and Learning

There have been some genius ideas posted lately for both children’s learning at home, as well as ideas for incorporating more physical activity into our day. By incorporating the two, we are encouraging and enforcing learning, and keeping healthy and active. How can we mesh learning and physical activity for children? Perhaps it happens moreContinue reading “Movement and Learning”

"What π˜ͺ𝘴 History, Mom? "… COVID-19 and the Kitchen Table

My son learned about “the Big Wind of 1839” in school last year. And since that history lesson, he hasnt stopped speaking of it. When the weather is blustery, he shares stories of how windy “the Big Wind” really was. He watches houses being built around us and tells of how we learned to digContinue reading “"What π˜ͺ𝘴 History, Mom? "… COVID-19 and the Kitchen Table”

It’s Not All Happy Smiles, Sometimes it’s a Disaster.

Today brought me back a few years to when our twins first arrived. The early days of trying to entertain a 4 year old while juggling two small babies; my eldest’s energy and longing for my attention. Some “adventures” ending badly. And there were feelings of isolation. My photos tell a different story, all smilesContinue reading “It’s Not All Happy Smiles, Sometimes it’s a Disaster.”

COVID-19 : Choosing Love and Learning over Crisis

As school closures are upon us, we as parents now struggle to provide our children’s care and education. We may not be qualified school teachers, but we all know how to love and play, and especially in the under fives, this means you parents are experts! Try to embrace this time. It’s hard; we areContinue reading “COVID-19 : Choosing Love and Learning over Crisis”